My training spans Eastern and Western techniques, from the traditional Swedish style to Shiatsu, neuromuscular, sports massage, stretching, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, deep tissue, hydrotherapy, and energetic healing work. I use a combination of many different techniques, selected according to your needs, preferences, and your state of wellness.

I believe that a healthy body is in balance, and can stay healthy, and heal itself powerfully. My work is to help my clients restore their body to balance, using a compassionate, healing touch, mindful presence, a commitment to serve, and harmonic energies.

How lovely! Welcome to an experience like no other. Your massage is all about you, according to your needs and preferences. My goal is to help you be comfortable, feel pampered, and utterly relaxed.

Before we start, we'll chat about your intake forms, and your goals and needs for the massage. Is your back sore? Your shoulders stiff? Do you want just a relaxing massage? Or pampering treatments?

I will show you the room and where you can undress and place your items in a private curtained dressing area. Please undress to your level of comfort - you may leave underwear on, or choose to take it off. You will be discreetly draped throughout our session. Please do remove all jewelry.

Once you're ready, please lie on the massage table under the top sheet.

The temperature of the room will be as warm or cool as you wish. The massage table is heated, with a highly cushioned surface for your comfort and a cozy experience. I'll offer soothing music, to your preference, and will adjust the lighting to suit your comfort.

Please feel free to give me feedback on your preferences so that I can adjust things to make it perfect for you. I will ask you throughout our first massage, especially, for your feedback on levels of pressure and any areas of discomfort.

When your massage is over, you are welcome to continue to relax on the table, or I can help you to an upright position. Massage is so relaxing that you may feel a little groggy for a while afterwards. Once you have dressed we'll talk about how you feel. I'll bring you some cold spring water - hydration is very important to keep toxins flushed from the body for 24 hours after a massage.

After your massage, you are welcome to sit in the outside lanai, in the contemplation garden, listening to the waterfall until you are ready to connect back into your life. Massage takes you to a more peaceful place, and it's good to reintegrate back into the stream of living in a gradual and conscious way.